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The Other Side of the Door

A companion film to Wild Nights.


Starring Heather Cunningham, Jake Hammond, Christian Klein, Jordee Kopanski, Garrett McClenahan, and Isabelle McGilvray
Cinematography by Nicola Newton
Kiki on a Bad Day

After taking more adderral than her usual dose, Kiki struggles getting through her day plagued by bad luck, endless obligations, and a bizarre encounter with a boy. 


Los Angeles Lift Off 2016, Los Angeles, September 5, 2016

Mindfield Film Festival Los Angeles, July 20, 2016

NYS International Film Festival Albany, New York, July 18, 2016

TvFilm: Local Filmmakers Broadcast Albany, New York, May 25, 2016


Starring Isabella Werber
Cinematography by Landon Kovalick
Edited by Jake Hammond and Christian Meola

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