Christian Meola

Christian Meola is a theatre and film writer/director from Albany, New York. He graduated from Florida State University, earned a BFA in Theatre and Film Studies, and now lives in Los Angeles

Narrative Film & Visual Art


Christian works in both narrative fiction and visual art, exploring the boundaries between reality/illusion, artificiality/authenticity, high/low brow, straight/queer, etc. He's fascinated by human behavior under the influence of social constructs and how we define ourselves in the context of a larger culture. He gains great pleasure from disturbing genre conventions, playing with audience expectations, and causing mischief!


His work has screened at Sidewalk Film Festival, Adirondack Film Festival, Buried Alive, Sick 'n' Wrong, Sydney Underground, and The Electric Forest Music Festival. His films have also premiered online via NoBudge.com and Beyond the Short.

Recent work includes GANGBANG, Violence, Trump Blows Trump, and Boys of My Youth.

In 2019, he worked as a documentarian on Angelyn's self-made documentary. In 2020, he participated in Film North's Socially Inclusive and Diverse Filmmaking Lab.



Film Programming


Christian is the founder and chief curator of Midnight Movie, a movie theatre that brings arthouse, B-movies, DIY-films, and trash under one roof.



Christian has a background devising theater with large ensembles and creating site-specific performances.


His 2015 show Bitchface turned an ensemble of non-musicians into a punk rock band. In 2015-2016, WIN A PERFORMANCE was performed to guests one-on-one virtually through text and via short road trips. America's Next Best Phaleghne was part live reality competition and improv comedy show, a serial event that eliminates contestants each performance until a winner is crowned. 


His most recent show, #BRANDED, premiered at Dixon Place in November 2019. 


Christian is a theatre/film production teacher and has taught workshops at Capital Repertory Theatre, The Albany Barn, The Theatre Institute at Sage, and Youth Policy Institute. 



Christian's passion is screenwriting, and he has developed many features, shorts, and TV pilots. He is also an experienced copywriter and editor, having served as Proofing Manager at SEOButler for 2 years.  




Christian is also known as DJ Fukboy


He is very passionate about themed entertainment and ride preservation, and is a proud member of ACE (American Coaster Enthusiasts).

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