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Midnight Movie was featured by VoyageLa! 

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Midnight Movie Theater showcases an electric range of experimental films, arthouse, B-movies, pilots, internet oddities, and trash. We're drawn to films that challenge the notion of "cinematic," "canonical," "midnight programming," and the moviegoing experience in general. We focus on what is never (or rarely) shown in theaters and giving it the full treatment it deserves. Whether its online or touring in a city near you, the films are often not announced beforehand to keep our audience anticipating what will happen next - you never know what to expect!


We have screened works such as Remain Seated Please: A Hoot and Chief Story, and Possibly in Michigan. The Midnight Movie Club also shares obscure titles from our collection at each show with surprise live performers, clowns, magicians, psychics, Santa, and children singing the national anthem.

Come early for the preshow, a compilation of unique finds from the internet. It’s like getting sucked down the YouTube rabbit hole, but not having control of what you click...

Lovers of trips, throwbacks, and transgressive film will feel right at home at one of our screenings.


We accept submissions. There are no rules. Just be conscious of time (the shorter the better). Anything can be a Midnight Movie: a short film with a budget, or a film you made in middle school. On one condition: you must accept membership into the Midnight Movie Club. Send works to


UPCOMING SHOWS: SUN PASS X Midnight Movie 2023


4/18/24 - Mystery Short + Feature @ Mystery Location - TX

4/19/23 - Sun Pass Film Festival x Midnight Movie Theater

1/22/22 - Sun Pass Film Festival x Midnight Movie Theater

12/11/21 - Santa's With Muscles @ Secret Location - LA

10/23/21 - I Know Who Killed Me @ Secret Location - LA 

12/19/20 - Midnight Movie's Christmas Party!

10/26/20 - Midnight Movie's Halloween Party!

8/28/20 - Midnight Movie: Online 2.0! 

6/19/ 20 - Midnight Movie: Online!

3/7/20 - Midnight Movie: Miami! Featuring Miami Filmmakers

12/14/19 - Midnight Movie 1.4, Dynasty Typerwriter, featuring work by Cecelia Condit

11/2/19 - Midnight Movie Retrospective, Brooklyn, NY, Secret Location

9/14/19 - Midnight Movie 1.3, Lyric Hyperion Theatre, featuring work by John Charter, Struggnuggs, Mohit Jaswal, Skizz Cyzyk, Matthew Serrano

6/14/19 - Midnight Movie 1.2, Lyric Hyperion Theatre, featuring work by Aleksandra Hansen, Spencer Jezewski, nukester, Heather Cunningham

3/30/19 - Midnight Movie 1.1, Lyric Hyperion Theatre, featuring work by Taylor Cohan, Jake Hammond, Brenda Lien, The Loose Teens

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