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"Whether their fans thought they were real or were aware of the narrative behind the piece, it was something all those who tuned in had never seen before. For one night at least, Bitchface was the face of punk-rock." -Lauryn Vickers, FSU News

A fictional punk rock band played a one-night only concert in an abandoned warehouse. Bitchface sought to disguise a theatre play as a punk rock spectacle. The actors, or "bandmates," learned how to play instruments in 30 days and penned tracks such as "I'm Not Your Girlfriend Anymore" and "You Think I'm Pretty Now?"


Inspired by the RiotGrrrl movement led by bands such as Bikini Kill and Bratmobile, Bitchface intended to re-define the theatre-going experience within the familiar structure of live music.


Tallahassee, FL

Starring Caitlyn Cameron, Kaylyn Carter, Jiana Estes, Ben Funt, Callie Haskins, Kori Whitby  

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