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Not Today/Tomorrow is a project comprised of two short films: Not Today and Tomorrow. Both films are centered around on one friend group of four guys, yet each story focuses on a different pair as they navigate challenging situations that reveal the emotional barriers between them and the need for vulnerability. Each are designed to be viewed on their own but also complement each other when watched together. 

The two films were filmed at the same time over the course of one week in August 2023. Still currently in production.

NOT TODAY: A college student becomes concerned when he discovers one of his close guy friends is secretly self-harming.


TOMORROW: Two young men bloom into flowers when they develop a close bond that leads to cuddling.


Starring Oliver Aaro, Jaime Leal, Eric Ramos, & Jake Wilson

Written and Directed by Christian Meola

Produced by Kat Barnette 

Cinematography by Nicola Newton 

Production Design by Sarah O'Malley Graham

Edited by Jake Hammond & Christian Meola



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