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The Vagina's Fairy Tale

A young coed summons the power of an ancient ritual so she can impress her boyfriend in the bedroom.


Written and Directed by Christian Meola & Heather Cunningham

WINNER of the Sick N' Wrong Film Festival 24 Hour Film Festival "Special" Award


The Trash Twins


Starring Heather Cunningham and Jordee Kopanski

Trash Twins is an anti-web series, a B-series, a self-aware piece of trash. Ten episodes document the transformation of two wannabe stars into Hollywood hitwomen. Shot on an iPhone with complete disregard for lighting and sound, The Trash Twins is a reaction against film and TV expectations created by commercialism. The series also experiments with web series form, incorporating other social media accounts and a sub-reddit as storytelling platforms. 

This is My Chair


Broadway Babies



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