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Donald J. Trump meets another version of himself walking down the street. Things quickly escalate, and Trump A gives Trump B a blow job until he reaches a climax.


Trump Blows Trump is a political softcore porn comedy that negates his popular image as a figurehead for straight white male culture and positions him in an alternate reality where he's just as gay as many of the Americans he claims to represent.


Shot on 8mm film in the style of New York Avant-garde filmmakers like Warhol and Jack Smith, the anonymous actors wear ill-fitting masks and awkwardly have oral sex to evoke a DIY amateur quality.


"Instead of this big production, I wanted to it feel like anybody could have dressed up and made this. I wanted to bring this guy down to our level and make his likeness available to play with. I think it dismantles the hierarchy, debases his image, and gives us power."


Sick 'N' Wrong Festival, 2019

Sydney Underground Film Festival, 2019

Stuff MX, 2019

Court Mais Trash, 2020

Too Drunk to Watch, 2020

Bad Film Festival, 2020

Cinerotic Film Festival, 2020

NFSW Film Festival, 2020

Cabane A Sang, 2020

Threadbare Film Festival, 2020

Athens Porn Festival, 2024


Starring Anonymous​

Written and Directed by Christian Meola

Shot on 8mm by Nicola Newton

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