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A woman's home abduction is recorded by three devices, but her murder remains a mystery. Violence is an unconventional take on the horror genre. Rather than staging crime, Violence explores how we remember and try to comprehend it. 

"I usually rankle at the slightness of some horror shorts, particularly where they prize atmosphere over story and narrative resolution, however there is something so engaging and unnerving about Christian Meola’s Violence (2019) that I have no quibble with it. There is a wonderful irony in its title, being so matter-of-fact, like its mundane photos and middle-class settings, and also being so absent, with so much of the film’s terror being alluded to and unrepresented. Violence is thoughtful, fearsome filmmaking."

                                                            -RJ Toukas,




Adirondack Film Festival, 2019

DUMBO - September Semi-Finalist, 2019

New Paltz Film Festival, 2019

Buried Alive, 2019

Threadbare Film Festival, 2020



With 5th Floor Pictures
Produced by Paula Andrea González & Ryan Martin Brown, 5th Floor Pictures
Cinematography by Melina Valdez
Edited by Jake Hammond
Production Design by Nicole Machon

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